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These gorgeous sessions are designed to nurture and support you throughout pregnancy and to get you feeling calm, confident and totally prepared for your baby’s birth.⁣

Sessions are held:⁣

Monday evenings 7pm - 8.15pm⁣

At: St Helens Community Centre, Ashby⁣

Book in blocks of 6 consecutive weeks⁣ (unfortunately missed sessions cannot be reimbursed).

There is currently a waiting list - please message or email to join and I will let know asap when a space comes up.

🌟 Upon booking please include your start date preference in booking comments, then await an email to confirm this date (pls don’t just turn up to a class after booking 🙏) 🌟

Each session is includes around the circle discussion, birth tip followed by 30-40 mins yoga, 15 mins relaxation with time for a drink, snack and chat at the end.⁣

Birth & Bloom Pregnancy Yoga classes aren’t just about exercise or yoga, they’re about:⁣

* Nurture and support⁣

* Connection between you, your body and your baby and to a supportive community of fellow Mamas⁣

* Empowering you with the regular practise, skills and knowledge to feel calm and confident about your upcoming birth experience⁣

What are the benefits of pregnancy yoga?⁣

* Feel calm and grounded as you take some blissful time to nourish your body and bond with your baby⁣

* Enjoy emotional balance and improved sleep, helping to ease anxieties and stress⁣

* Feel more comfortable by easing pregnancy discomforts and ailments⁣

* Feel supported and connected to other mums-to-be who are sharing in this journey with you, enjoy weekly chat and catch up at the start of each session⁣

* Increase your confidence in your body as you strengthen muscles to support your growing bump and learn how to work with your body during birth⁣

* Feel relaxed and empowered as each session finishes with a blissful hypnobirthing relaxation to build your confidence and calmness as you prepare for birth⁣

* What’s special about Birth & Bloom Pregnancy Yoga sessions?⁣

* Each session is created by myself, an experienced and knowledgeable pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing teacher. To date, I have supported around a hundred+ parents on their birth journeys and having had three babies myself, I really understand the importance of feeling totally supported, understood, confident and relaxed about birth, both physically and mentally.⁣

That’s why I include the below regularly, in my pregnancy yoga sessions:⁣

* Breathing techniques for calmness, to ease anxiety during pregnancy and importantly, breathing for labour and birth⁣

* Positive affirmations to help your mind and body relax - because science tells us what happens in our bodies is affected by the thoughts in our heads and as a hypnobirthing teacher and someone who has birthed two babies (one with and one without using hypnobirthing), I can tell you they make the world of difference to your birth experience⁣

* Time to chat to other mamas-to-be, sharing experiences and start building your support network⁣

* Exercises to strengthen muscles which support your growing baby bump and to increase strength and stamina during labour and gentle stretches to ease discomfort and pregnancy ailments⁣

* Visualisation of your calm labour, meeting your baby plus other hypnobirthing techniques so that come the day of your baby’s birth, you’ll feel confident that you know how to work with your body to maintain calmness throughout your birth⁣

* An empowering hypnobirthing relaxation to help you let go of worries and increase your confidence and ability to relax, so that it becomes second nature to you⁣

* 15 mins of social time at the end of the class, free hot drinks and biscuits included⁣

Plus each session includes a weekly evidence-based birth topics such as:⁣

* How the uterus works during each contraction⁣

* How birth positions affect your labour⁣

* Working with your pelvic floor during pregnancy and birth⁣

* Ways to reduce the chance of tearing⁣

* Optimal foetal positioning (encouraging baby into helpful positions for birth)⁣

* And more!⁣

AND - Each session is planned with you in mind, so any pregnancy ailments, discomforts or conditions you may be experiencing, plus different energy and flexibility levels are accommodated for so that you can fully enjoy and benefit from each class, even if how you’re feeling varies week to week.⁣

You’ll also:⁣

* Be invited to join the group Whatsapp chat⁣

* Get first dibs on any free hypnobirthing tasters, workshops & courses⁣

* Have my on-going support throughout pregnancy and beyond⁣

I look forward to welcoming you and your bump to these lovely pregnancy yoga sessions!⁣

Love Dani x

Pregnancy Yoga - Ashby - Mondays 7pm - 8.15pm - 6 week block

  • Payment

    Your place is secured by full payment of the fees in advance of starting the course.

    Missed sessions

    In the event of a missed session by a participant, the session is non-refundable.

    In the unlikely event of a session cancellation or course cancellation by Danielle Freshwater of Birth & Bloom, attempts will be made to reschedule. If this is not possible, or alternative dates cannot be agreed, a full refund of the total fee will be given.

    Breaks in the block of 6

    Birth & Bloom reserve the right to pause a block booking and will give as much notice possible for any sessions that are planned to be postponed. Participants will not lose a session, the block will be resumed as soon as possible and any sessions the participant cannot attend due to the pause in classes, will be refunded.


    Participants take part in Pregnancy Yoga sessions with the understanding that the content of the course is in no way intended to be represented as medical advice. Participants should seek the advice of a health-care provider to answer any health-related or pregnancy-related issues surrounding their pregnancy, their labour or their birth.

    Participants take part in the sessions, understanding that reasonable measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19 are taken by Birth & Bloom and attendees do so at their own risk. Birth & Bloom take no responsibility for any illness contracted after a class.

    Courses available online and in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire.

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