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About Me

Hi there, lovely parents-to-be, I'm Danielle, founder of Confident Birth Hypnobirthing and Mama to two young boys.

I came across hypnobirthing after my eldest son was born, and the more I learned about it, the more I realised it was exactly what I had needed during my first birth. Just like most other people I knew, I had taken an antenatal class and done some pregnancy yoga but when things got tough, my mind was fighting my body. I was still afraid, holding back and scared of how on earth a baby would be able to exit my body. Finding hypnobirthing was the missing link, the hallelujah moment, the secret to giving birth!

I completed my teacher training about a year before my second baby was born, using hypnobirthing, and the difference it made was incredible. My husband and mum who had both supported me through my first birth, remarked on the difference it made. I was calm, in control and most of all, I knew how to work with my body, rather than against it. The work I’d done during pregnancy, had really paid off, I had replaced any fearful negative thoughts, with positivity and confidence. I was also really informed about my birth choices and different maternity procedures, which meant every step of the way, I was able to make empowered and informed choices about my experience.

Teaching hypnobirthing means keeping up to date with all things birth related, including the latest research and recommendations. My course is continually growing and developing as I add newly found beneficial techniques and information to my courses.

Recently, I have added a section on visualisation and emotional coping skills, and I am getting lots of great feedback from parents on these.

I am also a volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, which is a wonderful privilege as I absolutely love supporting women to achieve their breastfeeding goals, whatever they might be.  I am passionate about supporting parents during this special time in their lives, after all, what could be more birth-changing than being able to feel calm and confident about the moment your baby enters the world for the very first time!?

About Hypnobirthing

I think hypnobirthing, does far more than its hippy-sounding name gives it credit for! In fact, far from being some far out "belief", hypnobirthing is actually based on science. YEP!

Hypnobirthing is based on RESEARCH that shows, what happens in our minds, affects what happens in our bodies.

Hypnobirthing works by enabling you to release any negative thoughts and fears about birth and replacing them with confidence and positivity, through hypnotherapy relaxations and a range of tools and practices that help to achieve and maintain a relaxed state of mind throughout labour and birth, allowing you to work with your body rather than against it.

Did you know, hypnobirthing mums are less likely to need analgesic pain relief?

The best thing about hypnobirthing is that it really does work! Studies have shown that women who use hypnobirthing often don’t ask for pain relief and have a higher chance of a birth without intervention.

In my courses, you will learn how to use hypnobirthing for every type of birth, so it’s not just for natural birth, it’s about giving you the tools to create an experience in which both you and your partner feel calm, confident and positive.

Most of my courses are either private, 1-2-1 courses or small groups, so there is lots of space to discover more about the areas that you want to know about, and we also take the time to talk about how you are feeling and ways you can coach yourself if things take an unexpected direction, and how you can build your mental resilience and emotional coping skills in preparation for whatever comes your way.

My course also helps you to understand the maternity system, what types of interventions you might be offered and prepares you to make informed decisions, so that you can have an EMPOWERED birth, from an informed place, and feel POSITIVE about your experience.

I see my role as a hypnobirthing teacher, as a holistic support to you, I don’t just take your booking, turn up and teach and then move onto the next booking. I take the time to find out what your needs are, what your journey has been like so far, I prepare and tailor make the course to suit your individual needs and together, we build a relationship that can offer you support for as long as you need it. I consider it my privilege to call this my job and I can’t wait to begin our journey together.

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