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🌿 Babies in the Wild 🌿⁣

A relaxing, nature-based session to help you reconnect with your inner calm, through supportive mindful practices, time in nature and the joys of crafting.⁣

🌸 Friday 24th May

🌸 11.45-1pm SOLD OUT - try the earlier session for spaces:

🌸 Whistlewood Common, Melbourne⁣

🌸 Small Groups

🌸 Sessions are £13 each and include handi-craft materials

👶 Babies 4 weeks upwards (easiest with baby carriers for the walk, older babies are welcome to crawl around on mats if mobile)

🌿 Sessions will be based either outside on mats in the beautiful scenery of Whistlewood Common, or inside the Roundhouse with stunning views. ⁣

🌿 Each session begins with around the circle chat and mindful practises, such as a technique or topic to reflect/journal on and share. You will then enjoy a short, peaceful walk in nature and chance to connect with your baby, (carriers recommended) coming back to the mats to work on a craft project, which you can take home and will usually include something you and baby can enjoy together such as a natural mobile/wreath/toy etc.⁣

🌿 We will finish with an around the circle mindful exercise and tea and biscuits.⁣


💜 What’s to LOVE?⁣

🌿 Beautiful surrounding scenery⁣

👶 Chance to slow down and connect with yourself and your baby ⁣


🧵 🪡 Calm your mind with rewarding craft projects while babies play and potter on mats - take home to keep (Crafts may include making natural baby toys and other nature-based beauties!)⁣

💬 Feel heard and supported, as we reflect, share and journal our thoughts and experiences ⁣

🌳 Spend time in nature with your baby, enhancing the flow of your body’s natural calming hormones. Connect to your surroundings and feel grounded⁣

🌧️ Comfort while enjoying nature - we have options for indoor and outdoor gathering spots depending on the weather⁣

☕️ 🍪 Hot drinks & biscuits⁣


I can’t wait to share these replenishing, nature-based sessions with you and your baby!⁣

Love Dani x⁣

Babies in the Wild - Fri 24th May - 11.45am - 1pm - Whistlewood Common

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