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1-2-1 Hypnobirthing Complete Birth Preparation Course - 8-9hrs:

£325 - (£50 deposit)


Enjoy the benefits of a personalised bespoke course, in the comfort of your own home either via Zoom or if local to Leicestershire, in-person. Contact me to arrange dates and times to suit you, before or after booking.


You can also add the option of a 2.5 hr Calm & Confident Breastfeeding Session, for just £50.

A private course gives us the opportunity to discuss your individual worries, anxieties and hopes for your birth experience. Clients say they like that they can ask anything without feeling silly or holding back like, they would in a larger group.




Transform your birth fears into feeling calm and confident.

Swap feeling unprepared with being informed and knowledgeable.

Get partners feeling ready and comfortable with how to support you.

Show you that you do have control and you can feel confident to use it!

Equip you with tools and techniques for ANY type of birth.

Get to know other likeminded parents to be and have fun learning together!


Why choose a Birth & Bloom course?


You'll be joining a course that is known for being interactive, visual and really making learning enjoyable!

You will benefit from 9 hours of fun, honest and practical hypnobirthing tuition for you and your partner. You will also receive hypnobirthing MP3s, a course workbook and handouts.

This course is developed and adapted over time to offer you the very best hypnobirthing there is available.

Parents continue to share the wonderful birth experiences they have had since taking this course!

The techniques taught are all tried and tested, both by me and hundreds of other birthing women, so we know they really do make a difference!

You will enjoy on-going support via messages or phone call, as a hypnobirthing mum myself, I am really passionate about making sure you feel completely confident and calm going into your birth experience.

You will be welcomed into the course with a hypnobirthing goody bag containing only the highest quality of carefully selected gifts.

You will be learning hypnobirthing from a knowledgeable and experienced hypnobirthing and mum! I have been in your shoes, which is why I am so dedicated to supporting you to have the most positive and enjoyable birth experience possible.

You can look forward to your birth experience, knowing you’re well prepared with all tools and knowledge you need to have a great birth!


During a Birth & Bloom course, you will learn:


How your mind and body work during birth

What the impact of fear is on birth, and how to get rid of it

The importance of hypnosis, relaxation and massage during labour

The importance of your birth environment and how to create the most optimal environment, wherever you choose to birth

How birth partners can support you during birth

How to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth

How to write an effective birth plan

Plus so much more!


Below is a full breakdown of the course outline:


Hypnobirthing Course Outline

(Order may vary depending on number/length of sessions)


Session 1


Introduction to hypnobirthing

Can we influence pain?

The connection between mind and body and how this influences labour

How to create a positive birth mindset together with your birth partner

How other mammals birth and what we can learn from them

Working with your birth hormones

How to create an optimal birth environment and how your birth partner can help with this.

How the uterus works and how you can help this work optimally and more comfortably

A hypnobirthing relaxation


Session 2:


Breathing and visualisation for the early stages of labour

Relaxation techniques

Partner relaxation and massage techniques

Aromatherapy for third trimester and birth

Positive mindset techniques

Encouraging the most optimal position of baby

Preparing your body for birth


Session 3:


Breathing for established labour

The importance of practise

Understanding your Estimated Due Date

Decision making tools.

What is meant by informed decisions and how to make them

BRAINS Questioning

Interventions in childbirth; including induction & Caesarean birth

Emotionally preparing for and dealing with the unexpected

What you can do to keep things positive and calm


Session 4:

The stages of labour and what to expect

Comfort measures (includes brief overview of pharmaceutical pain relief)

Breathing and relaxation for second stage of labour

Positions for birth

Writing birth choices/plan/preferences

Birth partner’s role

A birth journey relaxation


"Danielle's course was highly informative and has equipped us with a variety of hypnobirthing tools, allowing us to plan for a calm and empowering birth experience. Danielle is a fantastic teacher and the course is well resourced and structured. Highly recommended whether this is your first baby or second, third etc" Amy


“I really didn’t know what to expect but Danielle’s course was so informative and just the right balance of antenatal information and relaxation. I feel good that I know how I can support my wife.” Chris


"Danielle's hypnobirthing course was informative, friendly, and a real confidence boost...we have the most calm birthing experience, thanks to everything we had learnt!" Katie


“Danielle’s friendly and kind approach supported us right from the moment we met her in mid pregnancy, and we began to feel more positive and calm straight away.” Sophie


"I feel Danielle's positivity has inspired me to be more confident when making birth decisions and she has given me some practical tips on breathing and relaxation for labour. I feel happy knowing that my partner is also now on the same wavelength and was also really engaged with the sessions. Thank you ever so much. Would highly recommend booking with Danielle." Sophie C


I highly recommend Danielle’s course not only for maternal wellbeing during pregnancy but for antenatal education about labour and making informed choices.” Amy M


Hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga courses available throughout Loughborough and across Leicestershire.

Hypnobirthing Complete Birth Preparation 1-2-1 Course - 9hrs: £325 (£50 deposit)

  • Please read terms and conditions before booking.

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