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If you're reading this, the likelihood is, you really want breastfeeding to work and you're doing everything you can to make it work. Maybe it's harder than you thought and you're finding it a lot more stressful than you expected. Even if you did expect it to be challenging or stressful, that doesn't make it any easier, right?


I just want to say, first up, you are doing an AMAZING job!


I have been there myself, so I know how tough those early months can be and I have also supported lots of other mums in your position right now.


So how can Mindful Breastfeeding help?


* Mindful Breastfeeding uses techniques that help to release oxytocin, which helps your milk to flow


* Oxytocin also nurtures that loving, bonding connection you have with your baby


* Using relaxation and mindfulness tools, such as calm breathing techniques, affirmations and visualisation, help you to feel emotionally more supported, happier and calmer


*It also helps you to think clearer (bye,bye Baby Brain!)


*Mindful Breastfeeding sessions will help you to look after YOU, learning some helpful techniques and practical tips, plus, getting the opportunity to talk and be really listened to, understood by someone who really gets what you're going through.


* I can also support you with positioning and latching your baby to help get a deeper latch and make feeding more comfortable for you and your baby.


*Plus sign post you to helpful resources, evidence-based information and further support if needed.


If some relaxation, feeling understood and learning some helpful techniques to make breastfeeding a bit easier and ways to help you feel calmer, sounds good for you, get in touch to book your 1 hr session with me, or just go ahead and book it and I will be in touch to arrange a time and date to suit you.


You've got this Mama, you are doing an amazing job :) x

Mindful Breastfeeding Support - 1 hr session